1.2% in support of the Belarusian freedom movement
The Belarusian Solidarity Foundation #BYSOL was created in 2020 when the Belarusian people came out to peacefully protest the results of the rigged presidential election. The government's response was violence, imprisonments, and murders, which continue to this day. Belarusians have been struggling for the seventh month already. In February 2021, 258 people were recognized as political prisoners in Belarus. More than 27 thousand people have been detained, tortured, intimidated, or persecuted since August 2020. Thousands of Belarusians were forced to flee abroad often with their children and parents. The struggle still goes on in the country: strikes at enterprises, marches, underground protest actions in the cities and on the railroads.
Belarus is preparing for spring.
The #BYSOL Foundation supports initiatives that help Belarusians who suffered from state repression. We support medical, sports and cultural solidarity foundations. We support striking committees at companies, families of political prisoners, we help those who were fired for political reasons receive training and сhange their profession, and we support city communities and other local initiatives that unite Belarusians in the fight against lawlessness
Belarus is on its way to freedom.
Lithuanians struggled and won. Belarusians are yet to do that. But we are continuing our struggle. It took 30 years for Belarusians to overcome their fear, realize their strength and rise. By supporting the Belarusian freedom movement fighting for democratic values and human rights, you are helping to make Europe Free and Democratic.
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